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We are experts in document management, enterprise content management, case management and digital archiving.

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Application retirement

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Analysis focused on business strategy

Analyzing the role of information geared towards your business strategy is key. Information sharing, business processes and policies are at the base of Case Management and ECM. Panoptic's 360° analysis defines your milestones and roadmap covering all aspects of document and content intensive business processes.



A digital by design approach

While service oriented architecture is not new, it gains in relevance encompassing mobile first and digital by design approaches. Your organization benefits from a service oriented and integrated architecture that fits your environment. Panoptic specialists guide you through this complex process.



Configuration and development

Panoptic gives a great deal about quality of service. Investing in software applications is a strategic choice. Best practices development, implementation within a software architecture and application lifecycle support are main contributors to future proof business applications.


For IT and users

Co-creation and change management

Businesses only change for the benefit. People when they are engaged. Change happens fast and needs to be in the DNA of modern businesses and its employees anticipating changing market conditions. Strong project management keeps your project on track. Excellent user experience and user adoption are vital.

They trust us

Our Secretary of Housing successfully digitized the administrative process of rental grants management to better serve citizens. A blueprint with all relevant information enables our case workers to speed up response times for citizens and improve their decision quality!   

Program Manager - Brussels Public Service

Content & Cases

Panoptic builds on more than 10 years of experience! Read some of our insights. 

Application Retirement

Achieve greater and measureable return-on-investment

Teaser Application Retirement

Spending 70% of your IT department budget on maintenance of legacy applications and data? You’re not alone. Here’s how we can help:

Differentiate with GDPR

Panoptic communications

Teaser GDPR

Most companies are heavily focusing on digital ways to excel in customer experience, facilitate collaboration and drive decision
making based on real time analytics. Along the way securing and governing data and content cannot be overlooked.
Drive customer privacy and differentiate with GDPR.