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Application Retirement

Achieve greater and measurable return-on-investment

Spending 70% of your IT department budget on maintenance of legacy applications and data? You’re not alone. Here’s how we can help:

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Achieve immediate ROI

Retiring legacy applications results in optimized data management. Identify low hanging fruit and eliminate unnecessary legacy system costs without impacting business.

A central framework for application retirement and data retention

Focus on data as a strategic asset boosting data governance and compliance management. A solid data management plan improves data accessibility and reduces data loss and data recovery costs.

Expand your business insights

Unlock your historical data. Central data archiving provides you with a rich contextual base for data analytics. These insights improve business decision taking and ultimately reflect on revenue and growth.

  1. Control your IT maintenance budget with application retirement
  2. Applications are evaluated and selected for retirement option.    
  3. Immediate ROI is achieved by eliminating legacy system cost and operations.    
  4. Overall archiving strategy optimizing data retention while handling data as a valuable asset.    
  5. Tailored-made compliance management.

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How to align data accessibility with compliance requirements and boost your ROI?

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